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Baazi Poker Tour Awaits a Grand Return in January 2020

To arrive in both Online and Live Variants with a prize pool of INR 7 CR GTD

There is almost never a limit to what you may come close to expect with the online gaming powerhouse named PokerBaazi. The bigshot has been busy checking out boxes of player-centric and reward-primed online gaming events…

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The Best Live Poker Tournaments in Goa @ Baazi Poker Tour!

PokerBaazi (PB) has turned the heat on with its top list of latest offerings. Yes, it’s the talk of the town- the live poker tournaments in Goa that the popular online gaming giant is hosting now under its Baazi Poker Tour from 9th to 14th Oct 2019.

Here’s an account of all that you should like…

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Daily Specials Tournament: Your Way To The Stars and Back!

Poker, one word that brings-in the thought of players playing alongside on a felt and doing their best at every move. If you too are thinking something likewise, you could possibly be thinking of a daily specials tournament. Played across both live and online variants, it could be your way to win BI…

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How To Play Poker For Beginners (The Smarter Way)?

Poker. No, it’s not just yet another card game, it’s something that goes way beyond than that. It is a sum total of a player’s aspirations, his skills, his insights and maybe a lot more. This card game has a strange way of being difficult at first, then becoming challenging and then going all the wa…

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Why You Should Play A Texas Holdem Poker Game Today?

Are you looking to play a Texas Holdem poker game with a difference? Here’s something that would make your day!

India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi had rolled out its monthly promotion, ‘Mysterious May’ earlier this month. Live from 1st to 31st May 2019, this ace monthly promo…

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Play Online Poker FREE For A Giant Prize Pool of INR 40LAC+ GTD

For those who love to play online poker free, PokerBaazi has come up with another stunner! This popular and trusted online gaming portal has released its Free Entry Tournaments with Redeemable Prizes worth INR 40LAC+ GTD for all new players under its ‘Redeemable April’ monthly promotion. This calls …

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Here’s A Recap of Baazi Grinders Series 2019 Edition For April!

PokerBaazi’s Baazi Grinders Series 2019 Edition worth 40LAC GTD was LIVE online from 1st to 7th April 2019. This monthly seven-day-long online poker series comprised 35 tournaments with Buy-In as low as INR 50. It also featured Leaderboard rewards worth INR 3LAC. We are offering a recap of how imm…

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The Game Changer 2CRORE GTD 2019: The Winner Takes Home INR 50lac!

PokerBaazi’s showstopper- the Game Changer 2CRORE Guaranteed (GC 2CRORE GTD) is all set to add glory to your poker game tales. The Hulk-sized prize pool of this challenging five-day tournament is all up for grabs this New Year 2019 and what’s best is that Winner shall go home flaunting an assured …

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Looking For the Best Poker Joining Bonus Code? Visit PokerBaazi Today

We are writing this article to explain how you can get the best poker joining bonus code to start playing this game online today. This card game arches on some good sense to help you know how you can better your advantage with some top poker offers on a consistent basis as you play along on our favo…

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Daily Poker Tournaments in India: Celebrate New Year’19 with BIG wins

This New Year, we invite you to play in the daily poker tournaments in India of PokerBaazi (PB) and to win BIG with your passion for the game. This premier website is a frontrunner in the online gaming space and its widespread fan base speaks for itself. If you play poker online for fun and are look…

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Play in The Best Poker Promotions in India In 2019 and Win BIG!

We are presenting this article to offer our insights on the best poker promotions in India that are running live in December 2018. The below mentioned best poker promo codes in Delhi will add up to your delight and would propel you to bigger and better games plays. Also, we would like to detail you …

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The Summit: It’s Time You Light up Your Hectic Mid-Week with This Top Poker Tournament


Ranked among one of the best poker tournaments in India, this INR 10LAC GTD worth tournament goes live every Thursday at 8pm on PokerBaazi

The Summit, one of the best poker tournaments in India, is a brainchild of India’s ace poker company- PokerBaazi. This tournament caters to that vast …

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Live Poker Games In Bangalore: The Hot New Trend of Poker?

We are presenting this article to offer our insights on how live poker games in India (and Live Poker Games in Bangalore, in particular) are reinventing the way poker is being played in the country. For those living in the national capital, we have a shocker coming up as this article touches on some…

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Live Poker Leagues Are Fast Propping-Up The Indian Online Gaming Industry

India’s popular skill-based game, poker is on its way to popularity through live poker leagues. The stunning growth of this game has called for a rise in search terms like ‘live poker rooms India’ and players are happily taking to them on the internet. Live poker leagues are just about what an…

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Interested In Playing Free Online Games To Win Real Money in India? Read This!

Humans, by nature, are intelligent beings that look for constant evolution- be it genetic, mental, emotional or even financial. We are presenting this article to address the financial aspect because we believe that it is never a bad idea to earn a few extra bucks. So let’s jump in with an answer to …

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Growing Indian Online Poker Scene In Kolkata

This article will help you get to know all about how Indian online Poker scene is booming in Kolkata and other metro cities in India. We also have tried to put up a faithful picture of how this has beautifully translated into several popular live poker tournaments in our country.

Poker is rap…

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Looking For Free Online Games That Pay You Real Money?


Free Online Games Win Real Money In India

Poker, like all sports, requires skill, patience and years of hard work to master. Champions like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth have shown the world that poker is a bull worth taming any given day. There is a lot that you can learn from poker if…

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What wins at Poker- Experience or Strategy?

Ever wondered how some popular poker players win BIG at the poker tables and how perfectly they put forward the best poker hands, even when everyone else around them seem to losing theirs? A lot rides on the psyche of these players’ as they are giving it all they have to play the best hand of th…

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A Quick Rule Guide of Texas Hold’em Poker

Mastering the art of Texas Hold’em Poker is easy, if you get the gist of it. A popular phrase used for Texas Hold’em Poker is “it takes a moment to learn, but a lifetime to master.”

So here’s a quick guide on the rules of widely-popular community card game “Texas Holdem Poker” that you ca…

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Best Online Poker Sites in India of 2018

Poker is undoubtedly one of the most trending community card games in the world. Since its origin, it has served to millions of players around the globe and many players have won big!!

For those with an undying love for poker or if poker is your life then below is a list of few online poker website…

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