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The Summit: It’s Time You Light up Your Hectic Mid-Week with This Top Poker Tournament


Ranked among one of the best poker tournaments in India, this INR 10LAC GTD worth tournament goes live every Thursday at 8pm on PokerBaazi

The Summit, one of the best poker tournaments in India, is a brainchild of India’s ace poker company- PokerBaazi. This tournament caters to that vast and expanding community of poker players who are looking to make a mark for themselves in the poker space or are eyeing a comeback after being an eagle of sorts few months ago- and everyone in between!

One of The Best Poker Tournaments In India

The swelling numbers of enrollments for The Summit are a precursor to its claim to fame. It is one of the best poker tournaments in India and has been in the news for its decent range of buy-ins and top-heavy prize pools. You’d be pleased to know that its buy-in is placed at a modest INR 7500 to put a cherry on the top- isn’t that well worth a shot to take?

You bet it is!


Powered By Best Poker Satellites

The Summit is seconded by several daily and weekly satellites to take you through the inside part of show even before it has begun! These satellites run everyday at 9:30pm and then every Thursday at 3:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm. The entry fees for all these best poker satellites is just INR 500.

PS: Another satellite follows these aforementioned weekly ones at 7:30pm and it comes at an entry fees of INR 1000.

It’s time to scale The Summit 10LAC GTD this winter season!

You would always love to have a feather in your cap and it would be amazing to win one such honour by following one’s passion! The Summit 10LAC GTD is your big shot to BIG wins and to secure the center stage of the poker world for quite some time using your passion. This proposition is a cut above the customary fusion of thrill, fun and excitement that finds several thousand takers every week.

That’s exactly how this tournament has been a clear game changer for many poker players in India and if you haven’t played The Summit yet, you should head towards your PC or smartphone app to get into the spin this Thursday.

Why you should play it?

1. Compete with top poker players at the tables

The Summit is a moment of pride as you will get an opportunity to play against some of the best names in the Indian poker space. While winning them all would be great any given day, you would still walk away proud knowing that you gave a tough fight to the pros one day. Talk of respect, yes!

2. INR 10LAC up for grabs

This is one of the best poker tournaments in India wherein a prize pool as big as INR 10LAC can be won in a single night. You only need to rely on your superior skills and some smart gameplay to make it all count in your favour. Plus, you are assured of fair play on India’s most trusted poker website at all times.

In its previous edition, many players won BIG in this tournament. Some major names include Abhishek “ABHI333” Garg who won INR 3,27,600, Karan “APOLCALYPTO” Radia who won INR 2,75,400, Sumit “BORONYX” Sapra who won INR 2,70,112 and Vinay “VINSTILL” B who pocketed INR 2,58,187 for their commendable game play.

If they can fetch massive wins then why can’t you?

PokerBaazi Premier League 5 Crore Guaranteed Winter’18 Edition.

Here’s a news flash on the biggest and most popular poker tournament till date in India poker space. It is the PokerBaazi Premier League 5 Crore Guaranteed Winter’18 Edition. It is a show-stopper and is about to hit the Indian poker space with a bang on December 10, 2018.

Loved by a massive chunk of passionate poker players, this ace poker series is being led by its best poker satellites since November 19th and they offer you an inside-out chance to make it all BIG this winter season!

Spruce-up your bucket list!

We are asking a few simple questions- how amazing it would be focus on only one thing at a time? Why not go ahead with The Summit to power-up your engines and then translate the momentum into a super show in the PPL Winter’18 Edition?  Why not end your 2018 on a high? What’s holding you back from being the best there is?

We trust you know the answers better.

And we would see you on the other side of the game very soon!

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